Wallrite Paint

Wallrite Paint | Whiteboard paint & Magnetic Paint

Write and draw directly on the wall with Wallrite Dry-erase Whiteboard Paint.

Wallrite whiteboard paint turns any smooth surface into a Dry-erase whiteboard

With Wallrite whiteboard paint, you can create writing surfaces in any format without seams. The paint can be applied to any hard and smooth surfaces. Wallrite whiteboard paint is a durable and impact-resistant whiteboard paint that can be spray-painted directly onto the surface or applied with a roller. When the surface is prepared according to our instructions and then spray-painted with the whiteboard paint, the finished whiteboard surface will be extra smooth and fine with the best possible properties.

Make the wall magnetic with Wallrite Magnetic Paint.

If you wish to be able to attach magnets to your whiteboard, prime the surface first with Wallrite magnetic paint or apply a metal wallpaper.
The magnetic paint consists of 70% metal particles, which means that the surface must be finely sanded and smooth after the paint has dried before you:

  • Paint the wall with the color you have chosen for your magnetic wall - Choose Wallrite Transparent Whiteboard Paint.
  • Paint the wall with opaque whiteboard paint
  • Wallpaper the wall with a fine wallpaper - if you want your magnetic wall to blend into the room and still be able to attach magnets to it. 

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