Dry-erase per meter

Whiteboard covering from one wall to another across corners
Whiteboard covering from one wall to another across corners
Whiteboard covering one wall in glomstaskolan, example picture
Multiple whiteboards next to each other in an office enviroment
Long whiteboard in glomstaskolan with a window next to it
Whiteboard per meter with yellow coloring
Whiteboard per meter with blue coloring
Whiteboard per meter with red coloring
Nonwoven material

Purchase your Wallrite Dry-erase Whiteboard by the meter here!

Wallrite Whiteboard is a high-quality whiteboard that you purchase per meter and can be glued on all smooth and well-prepared surfaces.

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Get inspired by Wallrite Concept

Here are inspiring pictures of a selection of what we have delivered and installed in schools and businesses. 

Three Basic Types

Our Wallrites come in three different basic types, depending on how they can be mounted on the chosen surface.  

1. Whiteboard Nonwoven

It is permanently glued to the surface.
It is available in two widths: 150 cm wide and 120 cm wide 

2. Self-Adhesive Whiteboard 

It has a pre-glued back and adheres permanently to the surface you choose. 
It is available in the width of 120 cm

3. Self-Adhesive Silicone Whiteboard

It has a silicone back, making it very suitable for glass and metal surfaces and can also be moved.
It is available in the width of 120 cm

More Options

Colored Whiteboard

We can create a whiteboard surface in exactly the color you desire.

Printed Whiteboard

We can print your logo on it, and if you want pattern printing, we can do that too.

Surface  - Glossy or Matte

You can choose between a glossy or matte surface. The matte surface is perfect for rooms with ample natural light and is also very suitable for projection. 


You choose whether you want magnetic functionality, allowing you to attach magnets to the surface, or without magnetic function.

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