Dry-erase Kit

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This kit is designed for those who want a quick and easy start with their whiteboard!

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Whiteboard Kit

This kit is designed for those who want a quick and easy start with their whiteboard!

We offer the option to choose from seven pre-cut lengths of our Wallrite whiteboard
Whether you need to make personal notes or use the whiteboard during business meetings, our whiteboard kits are perfect for the task as they contain everything you need to optimize your needs at your whiteboard. 

All Whiteboard Kits include the roll of whiteboard you have chosen, plus two whiteboard pens that provide smooth and clear writing on the surface. Also included is a handy miracle sponge that makes erasing and making changes to your notes easy, and two whiteboard magnets that allow you to attach important documents, notes, or other vital information to the whiteboard.

Good reasons to choose a Whiteboard Kit
We have created these Whiteboard Kits with everything you need to be efficient and productive with your whiteboard. Brainstorming and communicating in a clear and structured manner have been done by people throughout history. From cave paintings to today's whiteboard culture, we know that the need has always existed to draw, write, describe, visualize, clarify, organize, group, so regardless of where and how you will use your whiteboard - at home, in the office, or in various educational situations, our Whiteboard Kits will definitely facilitate your creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

Whiteboard Kit Homeoffice Whitelines®

Whiteboard Homeoffice with Whitelines® tags works with the Whitelines app on your mobile.

The concept is simple and effective
Write your thoughts and ideas on the Whitelines surface. With the Whitelines app on your mobile, these are captured using the Whitelines® tags in each corner of the surface. You can choose to create an image or a PDF. Then save these to the cloud. Erase the surface when you're done. Because the lines are white, they disappear when captured by the app. The image becomes vectorized so you can enlarge it as much as you want; it retains the same quality. When you photograph a whiteboard as usual with your mobile camera, the result becomes pixelated if you want to enlarge it. This image can be enlarged as much as you want without pixelation thanks to being vectorized. Just print or share them directly from your mobile phone.

Good reasons to choose a Home-Office-Kit with Whitelines
With this innovative system, you can easily organize and structure your home workplace.
By using the Whiteboard Kit Homeoffice Whitelines® tags, it's easy to take notes and then access them wherever you are.
You no longer have to worry about losing or forgetting your ideas because you can save them digitally and have them available when you need them.
Make your workplace more efficient and creative with the Whiteboard Kit Homeoffice Whitelines® tags.
Discover a new dimension of note management and take control of your ideas and thoughts in a simple and smooth way.

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